Scrap Files

In all arts, there are the pieces that never make it to full release, things that only see the cutting room floor, or things that honestly just happen while I'm fooling around with the microphones. I'll post those here..

These files may have noticably less audio production quality, mild background noise, or just be flat out silly. You are forewarned!


Name Description Download Me
"Hand Holding" A short (6 min) trance. May cause you to uncontrollably masturbate when safely at home. Grab it!
"Deeper" Ultra-short teasy file about going deeper in trance. Seems to mess with a lot of people, though! Grab it!
Dizzy Kinda like "Deeper", only regarding dizzyness. Still real short. Grab it!
resistance A microlecture on trance and the key to avoiding resistance. Grab it!
"Void Trance" The only file I've cut so far. It's just not strong enough for my taste. If it works on you, you may feel very, very blank when I say certain words... Grab it!
"What you're saying.." Short little teasy recording about all the wrong things that people want done to them. Grab it!
Numbers Game Shows off a clever little back-and-forth technique. Grab it!
Fractionation Loop WARNING: HERE BE BRAINFUCKS. A short proof-of-concept loop that takes you up and down very rapidly. Do not listen to this if you have anywhere to go, or anything to do! You'll be useless and floppy afterwards. Loop it as many times as you dare, but don't blame me if you wake up 3 days later... Grab it!

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