The Succubus Club

Let's not kid around. We both know you're here for some hypnosis, probably of the lewd, submissive variety, with plenty of affection.

So let's cut to the chase.

The Basics

My files are structured to be modular whenever possible. Therefore, you can mix and match files as needed, but make sure to play them "in order" - never put Body 2 before Body 1 in a series. Take stretch breaks and try not to listen for more than an hour or two at a time. You can always come back for more. All of my files are either gender-ambigious or have male/female versions, so don't worry about getting left out.

Binaural Content

So far I'm only using a 30/31 blend of binaurals, which is a nice, low, melty sound. You won't hear it without headphones, though, so be sure to lie back comfortably and put those on. A blindfold can aid visualization, I hear. Above all... try to have some fun, okay? That's the whole point of this.

The Garden

Name Description Download Me
Starter Kit Just the introduction, induction, and awakener. You'll also need body files; Fortunately, these are very easily obtained. Normal Binaural
Garden, Part 1 It's just "Body_1" in the old days, but in this file I'll draw you in, wrap your limbs in vines and feed you nectar - from both ends.   that means your butt is involved, you doof. Normal Binaural
Garden, Part 2 Second verse is same as the first, if you don't mind a little extra conditioning around the mantra "submit, serve, obey". The vines tighten in more intense bondage. Normal Binaural
Garden, Part 3 The culmination of the garden in a heavier, more brainwashing file. Less concerned with imagery of the garden and much more concerned with ensuring your personal obedience to me, as well as keeping the right state of mind and mental visualization of my presence.
Warning: File contains heavy submissive/brainwashing elements. Use with caution - I will not take responsibility if you didn't want to serve me but listened to it anyway because you can't read giant red warnings.
Binaural only Get it!
Garden Suite All-in-One Pack By popular request, a single mixed audio file with binaurals that comprises an induction, Garden parts 1 and 2, and an awakener.
Quick, easy, and should work on mobile, too.
Garden 3 has a Suite Version with intro, 1, 2, 3 and awakener for mobile users.
Read the warning above for this version of the suite.
Binaural Only Suite (Normal)
Suite (With 3)

The House

Name Description Download Me
House Basics Induction focusing on entering the house, and awakener focused on waking up inside of it. Recommended. (Progress: Induction written.) In Progress Unavailable
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The Sauna Wpde mj ib bzy khqqv mj mintrx ato elv hmde me tpld vfou? Dyh uil bzy eoblni khmup mj nw ozgb? Unavailable Unavailable
The {mgveiiy} tpld vfou ld fvywqo cfu nrc rfw. Unavailable Unavailable

Independent Files

Name Description Download Me
Fractionation, MK2 This will yank you up and down, assault you with lightly hidden whispers and melt your brain with binaural beats. Best used after an induction or body file, with at least 3 loops. I wouldn't advise more than 10 loops, though, unless you want to be unconscious. 11 Minute Version Single Loop

Get in touch

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